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Apartment Painters NYC

Apartment Painters NYC

This is an image of our painting company in NYC. It shows a graphics of an animated apartment painter NYC man holding the paint roller and ready to paint the wall. This logo was design by our artist in 2018

Once you find the apartment of your dreams in New York City, you want to make it your own. That means finding an apartment painters who can finish it just the way you want. Don’t leave the important job of painting your home to chance: choose Apartment Painter NYC.

Whether you own or rent your apartment; whether you’re preparing to move in or you want a fresh start after several years; whether you’re an owner or a tenant or a landlord; we are the best NYC painting contractors for all your needs.

Our Team


Our team of experienced and reliable professionals can handle any type of residential or commercial painting services in New York City. 


That includes apartment painting ideas, to inspire any space. It includes wallpaper hanging and removal. It includes a selection of colors, especially small apartment paint color. After all, New York City has some unique apartments and homes that require careful thinking to ensure space is maximized.


    Based on 3 reviews.
    Chris Robinson
    Chris Robinson
    Apartment Painters NY Pros helped us paint 3 story, 6-unuts building in Greenpoint Brooklyn. They were efficient and professional from day one. No delays, everything is according to the project schedule. They did great work with apartment painting for all 6 units. No baby seating and pointing to what needs to be done. The scope of the project was given and followed. Our company would recommend these guys as apartment painters in NYC.
    Thomas Andrew
    Thomas Andrew
    We are so happy with the work done by the NYC apartment painter! They were able to paint our three-bedroom apartment in just two days, and it looks amazing. We have always had a lot of problems with painting since we have kids who love to draw all over the place, but not anymore! The painters did such an amazing job that it looks like they never even touched anything. It also didn't smell terrible because they used environmentally friendly paints which is really important to us. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a professional NYC painter!
    Milana Gurshumova
    Milana Gurshumova
    Mario and Apartment Painters did very professional painting for my daughter’s apartment. Delivered as promised, in time for her new job in nyc.

    Painting considerations can also be different depending on the room. Our professionals will help you determine what’s best in your kitchen and bathroom, for instance, which may be quite different than choices in your bedroom or living areas. Or, you may want a monochromatic look throughout your space. You can consider feature walls that pop out as a different color from the other walls.


    And then there’s the “fifth wall,” the ceiling, which also requires some unique considerations. In a small NYC apartment, the ceiling color can have a big impact on the space by affecting the sense of height. Different color choices can either close in space or open it up. We’ll help you decide whether the ceiling should be the same color as the walls or a different shade. 


    There are also considerations around the paint type. Flat paint can hide imperfections, which may be a good idea on a ceiling. But a semi-gloss or gloss is easier to wipe clean so it might be a better choice on a kitchen or bathroom wall, or in a high traffic area like the entranceway.


    We’ll help you with these kinds of major decisions. We start by working with you to plan the project, including decisions about paint or wallpaper, color choices, and type of paint. We’ll also work together to ensure the apartment painting cost is within your budget.


    Then we ensure you understand our painting process before we ever bring a brush into your home. That means preparing your space before we start, protecting furniture and floors, and removing outlet covers and switch plates. We’ll carefully prime the space and then apply two coats of paint.


    When we’re done, we’ll clean and return the space to the way it was before we started – other than the stunning new paint or wallpaper!


    We use high quality paint and all our staff painters are pre-screened to ensure you’re getting the best apartment painter available.

    That’s why it’s important to choose apartment painting contractors with experience and expertise, like Apartment Painter NYC.

    The next time you’re wondering, “What is the best apartment painter near me,” look to Apartment Painter NYC.

    About Us

    Apartment Painters NYC is the top choice to handle all your painting needs. 

    We serve New York City, including Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and Bronx. Our experience, expertise, and care will ensure your home will be well looked after and will look great when we’re done.


    Besides handling all types of apartment painting, including kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, and living areas, we also do ceilings, and we are experts at wallpaper installation and removal.


    We’ll help plan the apartment of your dreams, whether you rent or own, or if you’re a landlord looking for a complete overhaul. We can help with selecting the best paint and wallpaper types, as well as design choices like colors, feature walls, and ceilings. 


    We prepare your home, prime and paint the area. We then return your home back to the way we found it, with the addition of a new, professionally managed paint or wallpaper job.


    So when you’re looking for the best painting contractors in your neighborhood, call Apartment Painters NYC.

    Our Services

    At Apartment Painters NYC, service is more than a word. It’s an attitude.  Our people first approach ensures your wants and needs are met. Our goal is to work with you to transform your apartment. We want you to have a pleasant experience with our company, and provide an end result that’s more than satisfying to you and your family.

    We believe we are more than apartment painters. We are partners with you to bring your home to life with our paint and wallpaper services. We have apartment painting ideas that you may not have considered, thanks to our years serving clients in NYC. 

    We are expert kitchen painters and bathroom painters, both high traffic areas with special considerations. We are also expert living room painters, where you might want a feature wall, or a contrasting “fifth wall” or ceiling. We can also handle wallpaper installation and wallpaper removal.

    Contact Apartment Painters NYC for all your apartment paint and wallpaper needs.

    Image shows light yellow color wall. Our wallpaper installation contractor in nyc install these rolls for our client for his apartment in NYC. The project was completed in 2018
    Wallpaper Installation

    If you’re looking for a bold statement in your home or apartment, think beyond a monochromatic paint color throughout the entire space. Think beyond just paint, and consider wallpaper. We’re not talking about your mother’s wallpaper. We’re talking about some exciting new ideas using the timeless design trend of wallpaper.


    NYC Apartment Painters are experts in wallpaper installation in NYC. That means knowing how to install it, how to remove it, and even how to handle a wallpaper cover up job.

    We can help if the previous tenant left behind a mix and match combination of wallpaper and paint that doesn’t suit your style. It does take some special techniques to remove wallpaper or cover it up to ensure the job is done properly. And then, if you want to make a bold statement, we can bring you the fresh, exciting ideas you would expect from a wallpaper installer in NYC.


    Here are just a few.

    Wallpaper can be a powerful design element in any room. Wallpaper installation in Brooklyn, with its small spaces and unique architecture, can be especially exciting. 


    Think about bringing alive a small space like a powder room, half bathroom or even a closet. Wallpaper can enhance the look of that space, while also providing a cover up for imperfections, a surface that’s easy to clean, and a visually appealing design that will brighten the space. It can really change the whole look of any room.


    As well, it can provide pattern or texture to an otherwise dull area. You’re probably accustomed to wallpaper that has stripes or pictures on it. But think even bolder than that. Consider geometric patterns, textured paper that mimics grass or cloth, a bamboo motif or tropical leaves, murals, and more.


    When you choose us, one of the top wallpaper companies in NYC, these ideas and more can be part of the plan for your home.


    Wallpaper installation is not to be taken lightly. Too much can go wrong, which is why you need to be careful choosing from among the right wallpaper companies.


    The type of wallpaper paste needs to be chosen properly, and it can vary depending on the wallpaper itself. The walls will need to be prepared. The paper needs to be measured and cut properly, ensuring the seams line up so you can’t tell where they are. The paper needs to be hung while the paste is wet, and there can’t be any air bubbles. Corners, connections to the ceiling, doorways, and windows all require special measuring and installation.


    That’s why it’s best to leave wallpaper installation to an expert. You decide on the design, we can help you make the best choice in paper, and then leave the rest to us. Don’t risk wasting your beautiful, high-quality wallpaper, or having the paper unmatched, bubbled or worse. 


    When you’re searching: “Who is the best wallpaper installer near me?” - contact Apartment Painters NYC.

    Image show our kitchen painter NYC specialist working on a apartment painting nyc project for our client, The choice of colors was whit since the owner wanted to keep his kitchen bright and inline with his stainless steal appliances. Image was taken in December of 2019
    Kitchen Painters

    Kitchen painters require special expertise to ensure this well-used room is handled properly.


    For instance, special care must be taken to paint in intricate corners and areas where the walls meet the cabinets. Those tight corners and joints means there tends to be much more precision involved in painting a kitchen than any other room in the house.

    Kitchen paint selection also requires expert guidance. While you may know the color choice for the kitchen, we can help with the type of paint.


    It has to be a high quality paint to hold up to grease splatters, spilled sauces and more. It must be able to withstand more wiping and cleaning than in most other rooms in the house. Even the decision whether to choose a flat paint or glossy paint requires careful thinking. We’ll provide guidance on choices for your “fifth wall” in the kitchen, the ceiling.


    We can also be hired as painters for kitchen cabinets, an ideal solution that’s much more cost effective than complete cabinet replacement. We can look after paint selection, cabinet preparation and painting.

    While we’re at it, we are also kitchen door painters, and can expertly paint pantry doors, kitchen entry doors, pocket doors and sliding doors. 


    Remember Apartment Painter NYC the next time you ask, “Who’s the best kitchen cabinets painters in my area?”

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    Image shows bathroom painter brooklyn specialist painted bathroom walls with dark blue color. Bathroom turned out to be nice with white vanity and wooden bathroom cabinets. Image was taken in September of 2019
    Bathroom Painters

    A bathroom withstands daily use and abuse from everyone in the home, so bathroom painters need to know what they’re doing when it comes time to refresh that room.

    Figuring out what to do in this area involves more than just selecting the right bathroom painting color. Bathrooms are damp, with steam and condensation from multiple showers and baths each day. So the type of paint choice needs to take that into account.

    Bathrooms are also cleaned regularly, sometimes with harsh disinfectant cleaners. The walls are no exception, so once again paint type is an important consideration.

    We can help you with these vital decisions, and can do all of that at a bathroom painting cost that fits with your budget. We are also expert bathroom tile painters, if you decide that section of the room needs revitalization. Painting is more cost effective, as long as you choose expert painting contractors.

    Bathroom painters also have to be meticulous with the difficult corners, and spots where the walls meet the tub, tiles, toilet and sink. You want a job that’s expert and error-free.

    If your search is for “bathroom painters near me,” call Apartment Painters NYC for all your painting needs.

    Image shows apartment painters selecting colors for living room. Project was done for our client who wanted our apartment painter to select the right color for his living room. Image was taken in March of 2018.
    Living Room Painter

    Your living room is where you and your family gather to relax, rejuvenate, and enjoy your time together. You might read, watch TV, play games, or simply visit. Your living room is a focal point of your home.

    So choosing your living room paint schemes is an important decision when having your home painted. At Apartment Painters NYC, we will work with you to ensure your living room paint colors reflect your needs and bring peace to your family’s favorite room.

    Perhaps you like neutral colors, accented with brighter furniture and accessories, or you want your living room paint colors to make a bolder statement. Maybe you want the space to be all the same color, or maybe you want a feature wall that pops out and draws attention. We can work with you and bring some fresh design ideas for your consideration.


    The living room paint finish is also a factor. A warm, matte finish might be appropriate in this space, which doesn’t require as much cleaning or endure as much wear and tear as the bathroom and kitchen, for instance. Or you might want a glossy finish to brighten the space. You may even want to consider wallpaper on some of the walls.


    Apartment painters NYC will work with you to make your living room the comfortable gathering space you desire.

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    Image shows paint brushes used by apartment painters NYC professionals. Based on clients desires our apartment painters give ideas on best selection of colors. Image was taken in January 2020
    Apartment Painting Ideas

    Painting an apartment can pose some unique but exciting challenges. 


    After all, apartments are usually smaller spaces than homes, requiring some thought when it comes to choosing paint colors. They may have an open floor plan, or they may have several rooms.


    All the possible differences in apartments make for opportunities with apartment paint color ideas. At Apartment Painters NYC, we will work with you to find the apartment color schemes that work for you, and for your space.

    Small apartment color schemes can open up a room, with bright colors, wallpaper, or accent walls. And then there’s the fifth wall, the ceiling, which can make a big difference when it comes to apartment paint color. The ceiling can open the space with a bright shade, provide contrast from the rest of the space, or be the same color as the walls. 


    We can also go beyond standard apartment paint color to give you options for bright, sassy blues and greens, muted beiges and greys, soft pinks or pastels, or a combination of anything you want in any room. The only limit is your imagination, supplemented with the ideas we can bring you.


    When you want the best apartment painting ideas, contact Apartment Painters NYC.

    Image shows our apartment painting nyc specialist selecting the right type of paint for the entire apartment. Client needed to have paint that is easy to clean and maintain. Image was taken in June 2019
    Types of Paint

    The type of paint you choose is just as important as the color, and Apartment Painters NYC will help you pick the best.


    The types of paint finishes vary, and they can play a big part in determining the final look of your room. It’s important then to understand the types of paint for walls that are best for different rooms, as well as for your unique tastes.

    For instance, a paint that doesn’t have a sheen, sometimes called a matte finish or a flat finish absorbs light. That makes this type of finish more muted. Paints with sheen reflect light, providing a glossy or shiny finish.

    One of the most popular finishes is eggshell finish, which is low sheen but washable, making it good for areas that don’t have a lot of use, like hallways. Let’s compare it to some other finishes because the difference is noticeable. Each finish of paint is ideal in different rooms.


    If you’re considering an eggshell paint vs. satin, for example, satin has a soft sheen and is easier to clean than lower-gloss finishes, making it better for areas like a children’s room.


    Eggshell paint vs. flat provides another contrast. Flat or matte is smooth and non-reflective, so it’s better for low-traffic areas like an adult’s bedroom, or a ceiling. It isn’t as easy to clean and in fact, can be damaged by a cleanser. But the advantage of flat paint is that it requires fewer coats than higher gloss paints and is easier to touch up. 


    And finally, with eggshell paint vs. semi-gloss, you’ll choose semi-gloss in high-traffic areas like a kitchen, because it also offers high resistance to moisture. Its shiny appearance is also easier to clean than other finishes.


    This quick overview of the types of paints is just one reason to choose Apartment Painters NYC, to help you pick the best paint for every room in your home.

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    Call Us Today

    When you’re ready to paint your home or apartment, contact the top apartment painters in your area, Apartment Painters NYC.

    Our years of experience, our customer focus, our quality of work, and our desire to work with you to create the space you want, will all ensure you are happy with us. 

    We can do it all: whether you want paint, wallpaper, or a combination of the two; whether it’s a specific room like the kitchen or a complete overhaul of your entire home; whether you’ve just moved in or you want a new look; whether you’re an owner, a tenant or a landlord; and whether you know exactly what you want, or you’re seeking new ideas. 


    Contact Apartment Painters NYC today for all your paint and wallpaper needs in New York City and area.

    We’d like to take this opportunity to give a shout-out to our good friends at Lowell Painters Pros for great painting ideas and Painters Newcastle for their numerous amazing consultations.