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Kitchen Painters

Image shows options for kitchen color designs provided by our apartment painter NYC specialist. Our client was not sure what colors to select for her kitchen and we were happy to help her out. Image was taken in 2018 by our kitchen painter.

Our apartment kitchen painters know that kitchen is one of the most-used and often most-loved rooms in your home. 

It’s where the family gathers to spend time together, where friends congregate to visit, and of course where you prepare and often eat your meals.


So when it comes time to choosing apartment painters to look after your kitchen space, be sure to choose Apartment Painters NYC. We’re expert kitchen painters, kitchen door painters, and even skilled painters for kitchen cabinets.


You’ll appreciate our experience, our kitchen painting ideas, bathroom painting ideas and our expertise at refreshing this unique rooms.


Kitchen Cabinets Painting


A kitchen usually has lots of nooks and crannies that need to be treated with care. Painting will be done up against cabinets, near flooring, islands and more. Painting will be done around appliances, which need to be covered properly to protect them. The work needs to be finished with care.


Many kitchens don’t seem to have a lot of wall space, and instead have many base cabinets, wall cabinets, and backsplashes. But the small amount of wall space that does need paint requires attention to detail, including comprehensive cleaning and prep work.


The meticulous precision that must be taken around all those cabinets and backsplashes requires a special touch. It’s not as simple as taking a roller to a large wall space, as may be possible in a bedroom or living room. Patience and care is required in those small spaces, as well as with any window and door trim.


The ceiling is another consideration, as it’s a key part of the space. You wouldn’t want fresh paint throughout the kitchen and tired, drab paint on the ceiling.


Apartment Paint Colors


In New York City and area, kitchen spaces may be small, so color choice is important. You’ll want to ensure your space is bright, cheery and open. Think about a color that you want to enjoy while you’re eating. It’s likely much different than the subdued shade you would choose in a bedroom.


Paint choice is equally if not more important than color choice. You’ll want one that can withstand splatters from messy food items like oil, grease, or tomato sauce, as well as the constant cleaning that’s part of using your kitchen. A satin or semi-gloss finish are the best to consider, while matte is rarely recommended as it’s more difficult to clean and isn’t as bright and cheery as you probably want in the kitchen. 


As expert kitchen painters, we can bring you ideas for your space. White is a popular choice, but there are many different shades and variations of white. Color is one way to completely revamp a space. 


We can help you “think outside the box” to select some unique finishes, like marigold yellow, eggplant purple, or even wallpaper installation to complement paint. A wallpaper mural can even be a consideration where you do have enough wall space in your kitchen.


We can also meet your needs if you need painters for your kitchen cabinets. This requires expertise as mistakes are glaring, and replacement of cabinets is expensive. A fresh coat of paint, handled properly, will make your cabinets seem like new.


We can work with you on design as well. Perhaps you want the base cabinets in one shade, and the wall cabinets in a different shade. Perhaps the cabinets should accent the wall colors. 


We’re even expert kitchen door painters, as you may have a pantry door that could stand out with a fresh, complementary color or design, or entrance doors, or a pocket door. We can look after all your kitchen painting needs.


Whether you’re doing a search for “kitchen cabinets painters in my area,” or you need your entire kitchen refreshed, contact Apartment Painters NYC today.