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Apartment Painting Ideas

This image shows one of our clients bedroom where she decided to decorate her daughters room. Our painters NYC crew provided with apatment painting ideas and designs. Picture was taken in February 2019 in NYC

Apartment painting ideas in can offer some unique challenges for apartment painters.These spaces are often characterized by small rooms, nooks and crannies, walls and ceilings that don’t look straight, layers of old paint on the walls, specific rules of landlords, condominiums, and coops, and other potential roadblocks.


At Apartment Painters NYC, we’ve seen all that and more, and we’ve got apartment painting ideas that can overcome any challenge. We can help if you’re looking for something more than the standard apartment paint color. We stay on top of the latest trends, we know what’s classic and long lasting, we can help shape a space that’s unique to you alone, and we have fresh ideas for apartments that will make it a delight to come home.


Few Ideas


If your living room, kitchen and dining room all blend together, we can carve out space with bold paint treatments. Color blocking can make distinct areas throughout your home, or make an architectural feature stand out, or bring a special shelf or nook come to life. You can also create the illusion of a nook, or a separate space like a play area, with color blocking that can even extend to the floor.


If you’re bound by the color white, whether that’s because your landlord requires it or you just prefer its clean look, we have ideas for that as well. White is not one shade. It actually comes in a multitude of hues and finishes, all of which bring different touches to your apartment. In fact, there are dozens of whites from which to choose, ranging from warm to bright. 


Small Apartment Color Schemes


Small apartment color schemes often require some careful thought, as the wrong choice might make the room seem even smaller. The right choice, expertly applied, will make the room open up. From the bright finishes in a kitchen or bathroom to calming tones in the bedroom, we know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to apartment painting ideas.


We can also help with color schemes for your ceilings, often called the “fifth wall” because it needs to be as carefully considered as the rest of your space. 


In smaller New York City apartments, the ceiling color and paint choice can be even more important. That’s because the wrong selection can close in the space by impacting the perceived height of the room. And sometimes the lines where walls and ceiling meet are not straight, which can be very noticeable with an imperfect paint job. 


Paint Finishes


Beyond the choice of apartment paint color, the decision about matte or glossy finish is an important consideration when it comes to selecting paint. Needing to regularly clean the surface makes glossy paint a good choice in some rooms. Flat paint is a good option to hide imperfections that can’t be patched and sanded.


Our apartment paint color ideas are not restricted to just paint, either. We are experts at wallpaper installation and can use paper to accentuate paint colors, to make feature walls stand out, or to cover a wall that just can’t be covered by paint alone.


When you’re ready for some exciting apartment painting ideas to make your space fresh and new again, contact Apartment Painters NYC.