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Types of Paints

In this image we have Apartment painters NYC show several paint brushes with different types of paint. Depending on the room in the apartment, climate and number of people living there, we can recommend what type is more practical. Image was taken in April 2020

Painting your home, unlike selecting types of paints, is an exciting endeavor, with the promise of a space that will be just like new. You can explore fresh colors, new trends, classic styles, and a look that’s as unique as you.


At Apartment Painters NYC, we know that the type of paint you choose can be just as important as the color. As experienced apartment painters, we know what works and what doesn’t work. Something as simple as choosing a matte finish in a room that needs glossy paint will make you regret that decision in no time and ruin the apartment painting ideas you had in mind.


We know what types of paint finishes are best for certain rooms, for walls vs. ceilings, and even for your own unique tastes. We’ll work with you to choose what’s best as we bring out the full potential of your space.


Paint Type Examples


When we refer to the paint finish or sheen, it means the amount of light reflected from the surface of the paint. Paint with high sheen will reflect a lot of light, while low sheen or no sheen paints absorb light. 


Types of paints for walls come two basic categories of sheen: flat or matte paints, which have little to no sheen and absorb light; and semi-gloss or gloss paints, which have a shiny sheen and reflect light.


Part of your decision, then, involves how shiny or bright you want the room or rooms in your apartment. The different finishes each have their own pros and cons. 


Eggshell Paint vs. Flat Paint vs. Semi Gloss Paint


We’ll start by looking at eggshell, one of the most popular types of wall paint. As the name implies, it’s a low sheen choice with a smooth finish, like an eggshell. It’s best for lower traffic areas like a living room or a family room. If you compare eggshell paint vs. flat, the eggshell paint will be more washable and will better resist scuffs and stains.


Semi gloss is another popular choice, as it gives room a shinier appearance than other finishes. In comparing eggshell paint vs. semi gloss, the semi gloss will be a better choice in rooms with humidity such as bathrooms, laundry rooms, or even kitchens. That’s because semi gloss has a high resistance to moisture and is easier to clean.


But when considering other parts of the same room, for instance, the “fifth wall” or ceiling, a good choice is eggshell paint for the ceiling. A semi gloss may be easier to clean – which isn’t as important on a ceiling – and will show blemishes, a downfall on many ceilings.   


So choosing an eggshell paint finish is not as straightforward as it sounds. 

Satin Paint vs. Semi Gloss Paint vs. High Gloss Paint

Then there’s satin, which is very versatile throughout the home. The soft sheen gives this paint a pearl-like finish, plus it resists mildew and is easy to clean. Comparing eggshell paint vs. satin, it’s a good idea to use satin in areas like playrooms or children’s bedrooms.


When it comes to comparing satin vs. semi gloss paint, remember that semi gloss will be even more reflective than satin. That could impact your decision in rooms like a bedroom, where you may want a subdued effect. Satin vs. semi gloss for a bathroom is a closer comparison, as they both provide resistance to moisture and work in rooms with high humidity.


Then there’s high gloss paint, the shiniest of them all. This high level of reflection is almost a glass like effect. Remember that the choice of high gloss vs. semi gloss will both give you shine, and both require more coats than less glossy finishes. They can also show more imperfections, as they should be applied to smooth and clean surfaces for best results. 


You can see that selecting the types of paint for walls and ceilings is not as easy as it sounds. Luckily at Apartment Painters NYC, we have the experience and expertise to guide you to the right decision when it comes to choosing types of paints for your home.