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Wallpaper Installation

Image shows our apartment wallpaper installation professional gluing wallpaper for our client in his home. Image was taken in 2019 by our wallpaper installer.

Creating a fresh, new space in your apartment or home is often done with paint. Adding new colors, refreshing a tired area, producing an entirely new look – painting can do all of this and more but you should never overlook the posibility of wallpaper installation.

It’s possible to open up even more design, color and style possibilities with wallpaper. We’re not talking about wallpaper of days gone by, sometimes thought of as “old-fashioned” or “tacky.” We’re talking about exciting new designs in wallpaper.

Chosen carefully and installed by experts, wallpaper can make the difference between a ho-hum space and one that’s a joy to inhabit. Apartment Painters NYC can provide you with sage advice, color and style selection, and most importantly, expert wallpaper installation.

Wallpaper Coverings

Today there are so many designs in wallpaper coverings that it’s worth giving serious consideration when planning a re-design of your home. As one of the top wallpaper companies in NYC, we can work with you to create the finish you desire.

Wallpaper is a key component in many interior designs. The elements provided by wallpaper can give you many options to completely change up the look of your space. Wallpaper can help open the small spaces often common in apartments in NYC.

Wallpaper can provide pattern or texture. It can make you say “wow” in a small room like a half bathroom or a closet, areas you may not even consider necessary to spend time designing. Once the wallpaper is up, you’ll wonder why you never dressed up that space before. Wallpaper is versatile enough to suit any home décor and anyone’s tastes.

Perhaps you’ve got a covering in mind, or you’d like us to bring wallpaper installation ideas to you. Perhaps you never considered wallpaper as part of your plans. We can help with our expertise in wallpaper installation in NYC.

Wallpaper Examples

Graphic, geometric or bold color patterned wallpaper can provide a dramatic touch in a room. Use it in a bathroom to add interest to a dull space. Or, use it as a feature wall to complement the paint on the other walls.

Wallpaper can be used in a closet to make it warm and inviting. Who says a closet, particularly a walk-in closet, has to be painted white? You can paper a bookshelf or nook to make it really stand out.

If you want to be really daring, add the beauty and elegance of a wallpaper mural to your home. A large-scale floral wallpaper mural is stunning in a dining room, or as a feature wall in a bedroom. The calmness and serenity of a garden setting can greet you every evening when you retire to bed.

Mural Wallpapers

Mural wallpapers are modern, they create mood, and they can be cost-effective enough to allow you to bring the feel of a painted mural into your home.

You can also add texture to a space, creating a warm and inviting aura with design choices like grass cloth papers, faux suede, printed grass, and other textured papers.

Or bring the beach feeling to your powder room, half bath or closet with a leafy, tropical print, bamboo motif or other original, bold pattern.

It doesn’t have to be a bold statement, either. You can’t go wrong with a more subdued, simple, colored or patterned wallpaper. As an expert wallpaper installer in NYC, we can help with all these design ideas.

Choosing Wallpaper

Choosing the wallpaper is equally as important, and we don’t just mean color and style. The quality of the paper is directly related to its durability, wear and beauty. Different types of paper may be more appropriate in different rooms, such as the kitchen and bathroom.

Then there’s the actual process of getting wallpaper installed. You don’t want your beautiful, carefully chosen wallpaper to be installed improperly, or worse, ruined by an amateur installation process.

When it comes to wallpaper installation in NYC, it’s best to leave it to expert wallpaper companies. Measuring and installing in small spaces, tight corners, and matching the paper, is all a major job. Handled properly, your room will be transformed. Handled improperly, the transformation will be one you don’t want to witness.

Wallpaper Installation Preparation

Starting with preparation, everything needs to be done with precision. Existing wallpaper will likely need to be removed, and this needs to be done properly to avoid damage to the surface underneath. Walls will need to be cleaned and prepared. Small repairs may have to be done, such as patching and sanding any scrapes or holes.

Then the proper paste or wallpaper glue needs to be chosen. This will depend on several factors, such as the type of wallpaper and the wall material. The amount of glue or paste used is important, as too much or too little can both lead to problems.

The installation itself involves precise measuring, cutting and hanging of the paper. Patterns need to be matched at the seams and in corners. Air bubbles have to be removed while hanging. The paper has to be gently smoothed over every inch. Extra glue residue must be wiped away. Seams need to be rolled and any overlap has to be cut off. The paper then has to be left to dry and cure.

Wallpaper Installer

If it sounds like a major job, that’s because it is – for someone who hasn’t been trained and is experienced at handling it. An expert wallpaper installer can look after any job, however big or small. 

When it’s chosen with care and installed properly, wallpaper can transform a room in so many ways. It can bring the design touches to a room that isn’t possible with paint alone. It can also complement or highlight the paint that’s chosen to go with it.

The next time you’re wondering, “Who is the best wallpaper installer near me?” call Apartment Painters NYC. We are expert apartment painters and so much more.