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About Our Team

happy customer of our apartment painting nyc company

Apartment Painters NYC is a full service painting company that can handle any type of residential or commercial painting and wallpapering project.


As expert apartment painting company, we can manage a job successfully from start to finish, whether you only need one room painted, or you’re looking to have your entire home painted, or you’re a landlord looking to refinish an entire building.


We have painting expertise in New York City that includes kitchen painting and kitchen cabinet painting. We can paint bathrooms, laundry rooms, storage rooms and pantries. We can paint living rooms, bedrooms, walk-in closets, garages, nooks, bookshelves, and stairwells. We can expertly paint entrance ways, hallways, ceilings and even floors. We can paint doors, window frames, bathroom tiles, and tight nooks and crannies.


We can handle residential buildings or offices and retail spaces. 


We also specialize in paint selection. As expert apartment painters, we know what colors work in small spaces. We have apartment painting ideas that can follow classic styles, new trends, or a combination that’s unique to you. We also have expertise in choosing the right paint type for the job, because the finish of the paint is as important as the color. What you choose for the kitchen, a high gloss, and shiny paint for instance, may be quite different than the matte, subdued finish you choose for the bedroom.


We can use color blocking to make a nook stand out, to create space where there wasn’t one, or to visually separate a kitchen from a living room in a small, wide-open apartment.


We are also experts at wallpaper installation. We have ideas for modern wallpaper designs such as textured wallpaper, fabric, wall murals, theme paper like a beach scene, or graphic designs to make a feature wall stand out. 


All of this is done with customer service at the forefront. We’re not happy until you’re happy. We will work with you to make sure you understand the process and you’re part of the decision making all the way through the project. 


Then we will prep your space, including any necessary patching, sanding and priming. We protect your belongings, and then we finish the job expertly and efficiently, and return the space to the way it was. All you’ll notice is the beautiful, fresh paint or wallpaper that makes your home look brand new.


When you’re looking for apartment painters that combine expertise with customer care, contact Apartment Painters NYC.