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Bathroom Painters

On this image you will see our apartment bathroom painter in NYC painting the wall with washable paint. The choice of color was dark blue. The bath and the sink will be installed later and are of the white color. The combination turned out to be very nice. Image was taken in January 2020

Bathroom paint is important and our bathroom painters know it first hand. The bathroom is the one space in your house that you can guarantee will be used every day, by every person in your home.


When you’re looking for apartment painters to look after your home, it’s important that they have experience as bathroom painters. Select Apartment Painters NYC to know the job will be done right, at a bathroom painting cost that suits your budget.


Bathroom Painting Areas


Bathroom painting is not only about colors and types of paints, but so much more. It’s another space in your home that requires precision and attention to detail when it comes time to paint. Spaces are small and confined in many bathrooms. There are nooks and crannies. Painting is done around the toilet, sink, tub, shower and backsplashes. If you’ve ever crawled behind a toilet, you can imagine the patience required to paint back there!


Bathroom painters must pay attention to all aspects, including cleaning and prep work. Walls may have soap scum that requires scrubbing, or moisture damage that needs patching and sanding. Then the bathroom surfaces need protection, and the actual painting itself requires special expertise.


Bathroom Colors


Bathroom painting color is a personal choice, but if you have a small bathroom space, you’ll want to be sure you don’t choose a color that closes in the room. In New York City, rooms that seem small can be opened up with the right paint choice, or even wallpaper or a wallpaper mural. 


We have expertise as bathroom painters and can provide you with ideas for your space. White may be a default color for many, but there are a variety of shades and finishes even with that choice. 


You may want a subdued, quiet paint color for relaxing in the tub, or you may opt for a bright, vibrant color to bring the room to life. If you have the right amount of space, we can even look at wallpaper installation that adds texture or fabric, or a wallpaper mural with a fun beach design.


Bathroom Paint Type


Besides the bathroom painting color, choice of paint and paint finish is important in a bathroom. There is always condensation and moisture in a bathroom, and the walls will also get water splashed on them directly. There’s no way to avoid it. 


So the paint choice needs to be appropriate for a bathroom, to inhibit any kind of moisture damage or development of mould. The paint finish also needs to be able to withstand constant cleaning, as the bathroom is a space that’s wiped with chemical cleaners on a regular basis.


And don’t forget about the ceiling, which is important in color choice and finish. Condensation isn’t limited to the walls, so you want a quality paint on the ceiling too. And you don’t want to spend time choosing a fabulous wall color with a ceiling that is dreary and dull.


Bathroom Tile Painters


We are also expert bathroom tile painters, as this is a cost effective way to spruce up your bathroom. Who wants fresh, new paint and old, tired tiles? Our expertise as bathroom tile painters means your entire room will be brand new. 


Choosing a glossy finish for your tiles will help repel moisture and debris and ensure your bathroom shines. The same is true with the paint finish, and if you have drywall over the tub or shower area, it’s even more important to choose high gloss paint for your bathroom. Flat or matte sheens are harder to clean and can develop water streaks from condensation and splashes when used in a bathroom.


With all that to consider, you may be worried about the bathroom painting cost. We will work with you to develop a plan that fits within your budget. We’re not satisfied until you’re satisfied.


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