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Apartment Painter NYC

At affordable Apartment Painters NYC, we are expert apartment painters and so much more.


We’re designers, helping you with apartment painting ideas, color choices, new trends and classic styles.  


We’re consultants, supporting you with information about paint types, from glossy to matte, and eggshell to semi gloss finish. 


We’re experts at the New York City environment, understanding how important it is to get it right the first time, with small rooms that can be closed in with the wrong paint choice or imperfect application.


Here’s a sampling of the services we provide.


We are expert kitchen painters, ensuring you get the color and paint finish right in this busy room. You’ll need a paint that can withstand lots of cleaning, from wiping down greasy stains to ensuring the eating area remains germ free. You want a paint that complements your cabinets and your appliances. We’ll make sure the paint job is neat and tidy, with the many nooks and crannies present in a kitchen. 


We can also handle painting kitchen cabinets, and doors such as pantry doors or entrance ways. Your space can be completely renewed using our expertise.


We also know what your bathroom needs, as this room is used by everybody in your home on a daily basis. The paint choice here has to stand up to the unique wear and tear that a bathroom provides. This well-used space endures high condensation and steam on a regular basis, and the walls and ceiling will often get wet with direct splashes of water as well. 


The bathroom also has to be cleaned regularly, so you need a paint that can handle regular wipe downs, as well as stand up to disinfectant cleaners. Paint type is also important, as you may want a shiny gloss finish or a more subdued matte type of paint.


We are also your best choice for living room painters, and bedroom painters. Choosing a calming, subdued paint with a matte finish will make these rooms your favorite spots to relax. 


Our services don’t stop there. Depending on your home, you may have shelving that needs painting, or a garage. Even pantries require our special care, as they are tight spaces that are used often. Entrance ways, hallways, closets, and powder rooms – we can handle any type of space with expertise and care.


And we also know what’s best for the ceilings, what are called the “fifth wall” in every room. The choice of color and paint type is just as important for the ceilings in your home as it is for the walls.


Finally, we’re also skilled at wallpaper installation, opening even more design ideas with a range of options such as textured wallpaper, fabrics, graphic designs and even murals.


We will work to ensure your home is well looked after, whether you’re a tenant or an owner. We can help landlords refinish entire buildings to get ready for new tenants, or refresh a space for existing tenants. We will work within the guidelines of coops and condominiums. We can even go beyond residential jobs to help with office and store spaces. 


Before we start any project, we will make sure you understand the process. We prep and prime the space, protect your belongings, and work expertly and efficiently. When we’re done, we return the space to the way it was before we arrived, with the addition of a beautiful new coat of paint. Our satisfaction comes only after you’re satisfied. Our services are only limited by your imagination at dreaming of a new space.


Contact Affordable Apartment Painters NYC to find out what we can do to make your home come alive with a fresh finish.